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Implicit memories are unconscious memories carrying emotions and action-patterns.


They are the core component of subconscious navigation and comprise the majority of internal memory systems.


Even though they cannot be consciously accessed or observed, they affect the human experience more than anything else!

Explore deeper insights about implicit memories through theses #1, 2, 3, and 17 of Kristin Windsor's Implicit Revelations Case Study (2011 to present day).

While venturing through these Implicit Revelations, peek the other theses as well! A variety of them explore implicit memories from various angles.


Click on the following picture to receive a



A 109 page PLAYbook guiding you through the complete Implicit Revelations Case Study collection, including theses #1-29 and the Personal Dimensions Theory (Edition #1)!

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Discover a beautiful pathway to rewrite implicit memories through the Implicit Transformation program, exclusively available through Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy! (CLICK HERE to find out more!)

Explore a variety of other healing journey programs and practices to assist in resculpting implicit memories in relation with attachment wellBEing throughout this website.

Learn how to create personalized TREASURE MAPS to understand the wiring and activity of your own implicit memories through a "Subconscious Mapping" call with Kristin.

Dive deep into the TREASURE TROVE for further insight!

The most profound method for shape-shifting implicit memories is through regular practices of Social Self-Engagement. CLICK HERE to discover more!

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