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Healing Journey Videos!

The following collection of video series sparked massively profound, unfathomably vast healing restoration, remarkable transformation, and loving liberation along this healing journey.

Small tools used consistently over weeks, months, or even years can create GREATER POSITIVE CHANGE than we ever dream imaginable! It may seem small once or twice, but over time, with consistent investment, we see how each seed planted grew wondrously, blooming uplifting shifts from the inside-out.

Healing Journey Video Series!

Choose LOVING LIBERATION through a Variety of Flavours!!

  • Inner Child Dance!

    MagicKal Hand Dance: Inner Child Bilateral Body Movements!
    • Discover a miraculous way to heal your inner child!
    • Based on Kristin's original case study explorations!
    • Applied Ideas: Personal Dimensions Theory!
    • Applied Ideas: Thesis #26 from Implicit Revelations!
  • Affirmations Series

    Healing Subconscious Parts: LIBERATED CONSCIOUSNESS Diagram
    • Affirmations for Guardian Parts: Protectors of LOVE
    • Affirmations for Nightingale Parts: Givers of LOVE
    • Affirmations for Moppet Parts: Embodiers of LOVE
    • Affirmations for Normal Parts: Observers of LOVE
  • Treasure Trove!!!

    Liberated Consciousness Mini Class!!
    • [Treasure Maps?! @]
    • Treasure Mapping Inner Realities, Experiences, Self-aspects
    • (36 minute video - FREE!)
    • What is LOVING LIBERATION? WHO is the SELF?
    • (12 minute video - FREE!)
    • Subconscious activity during interpersonal interactions!
    • (30 minute class - $22!)
  • Mirrorthon Practices

    • 8-13-21~ Inner Child Mirror Practice for Healing Attachments
    • Why Mirrorthon? Explore @ socialself
  • Guided Meditations

    Sailing through Consciousness Collection!
    • Deep Consciousness Connection Guided Meditation
    • Meditation Boat Gliding through Streams Guided Meditation
    • @ sailingthroughconsciousness
  • Delicious MagicK!!!

    Healing Journey Cooking PLAYshop!
    • Healthy food preparation guidance!
    • Practices of meditative mindfulness!
    • PLAYfully enJOYable experience with your consciousness!
    • FULL INFO @ deliciousmagic
  • Dear Inner Partner..

    "Dear Inner Life Partner,..." Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER!
    Valid for 3 years
    • Vid1 - Introduction to Course
    • Vid2 - Love Letter Lyrics - Dear Inner Life Partner
    • Vid3 - Silent Love Letter Lyrics to Personalize the Message
    • Vid4 - Love Letter Lyrics with Background Music
    • 80 page PLAYbook to Guide Course!
    • ALL COURSE INFO: dearinnerlifepartner
  • Creative Connections

    Mere PLAY w/Mirror POWER: 5-10 Years of Inner Child Healing
    Valid for 10 years
    • Explore full creativeconnections