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Healing into Happiness 


This self-guided healing journey program allows you to explore daily practices to PLAYfully establish loving presence, enJOY transcendent MagicK in your everyday life, rewire brain-body wiring including implicit memories, and liberate the perfect essence of your consciousness! 

(Preview this priceless healing journey program

in the following slidedeck!)


Healing into Happiness 

Healing into Happiness PLAYbook is a dynamic deep-dive into transforming your magicKal, miraculous healing journey of life!


With a backdrop in understanding neuroscience and human consciousness, Healing into Happiness PLAYbook tenderly guides you through a loving process of personal power reclamation so that you can experience your own profoundly miraculous existence in new ways that radically fuel your pursuit of happiness.


Filled with 95 healing journey activity prompts, or "play prompts," Healing into Happiness PLAYbook provides you with the emPOWERing inspiration to create tangible healing experiences within your everyday life.


Each prompt uses tender loving encouragement to compassionately lead you through the process of playing with your everyday healing journey of life in new ways that also inspire brain-body rewiring, allowing for transformative recalibration of your brain wave and nervous system regulation!


I've been creating these play practices for the past 5 years and have personally experienced transformative healing and rejuvenating emPOWERment while expanding my own self-love AND rewiring my entire, vastly complex brain and body systems! (*Click here to discover more about my personal story.) 


Play prompts range from 1-9 pages each (depending on how many magicKal photos there are to guide you through the play process!) with the average play prompt being 2 pages. These play prompts are specifically designed to each hold three key components: 

  • Tangible Accessibility! Each prompt is designed to be easy, doable, and accessible to realistically be achievable within the everyday healing journey of life! For example, these play prompts can be used while walking, driving, eating, showering, or laying in bed! In addition, the PLAYsheets (like “worksheets” but a whole lot more fun!) are designed to be easy to process through, understand, and engage with to uplift and emPOWER your miraculous healing journey!

  • Loving Playfulness! Each prompt is designed to be enJOYable with an emphasis on playful LOVE and uplifting emPOWERment, allowing for lighthearted presence and a tender, playful spirit along life’s healing journey!

  • Healing Transformation! Each prompt is designed to specifically contribute to rewiring of your brain-body systems, allowing for all components of mental health to covertly be addressed while you’re having FUN!


Along this miraculously uplifting experience as you explore my 262 page Healing into Happiness PLAYbook, you will encounter a wide variety of healing journey benefits within your consciousness, including: 

  • Experiencing transcendent magicK in your everyday life!

  • Cultivating a LOVING home within your BEing that feels GOOD to live in and experience!

  • Cultivating an unconditional POWER within you that no one can ever take away from you!

  • Practicing presence with your own miraculous consciousness in brand new ways that feel good to experience!

  • Lovingly creating space for all aspects of yourself!

  • Expanding the loving home inside of your heart!

  • Embracing your healing journey of life with a lighthearted sense of play!

  • Creating space to experience beauty within you and around you in brand new ways!

  • Seeing the world through fresh eyes with emPOWERing expansion of personal perspectives!

  • Creating space to experience deeper peace, presence, and playfulness than ever before!

  • Increased connectivity of consciousness to build bridges between all aspects of yourself!

  • Gaining tricks and tools to grow a loving, trusting relationship with your own wonderfilled BEing!

  • Guidance in embracing the marvelous miracle of all that you are!


In addition, your physical brain-body system of miraculously complex neurophysiological wiring will also experience a vast array of transformative healing journey benefits, including:

  • Increased nervous system regulation!

  • Increased frontal lobe engagement!

  • Increased brain wave regulation!

  • Increased communicative connectivity between mind and body!

  • Expansion of neural network wiring to bridge worlds within your brain, including communicative connectivity between brain hemispheres!

  • Improvement of unconscious habits, including habits of mind and body!

  • Transformation of your 13 aspects of personhood, including stimulus-dependent activation of neural networks, belief systems, subconscious parts, memory systems, attachments, neural network wiring, 12 pairs of cranial nerves, 7 bodily senses, and natural brain-body regulation!


These benefits will subtly develop from behind-the-scenes of your miraculous consciousness!


The BEST part? You don’t even need to focus on the healing transformation that’s occurring because you’ll be too busy having FUN practicing loving presence with your own miraculous consciousness and feeling uplifted as you reclaim your personal POWER!


These PLAY practices can easily be incorporated into your everyday healing journey of life so that you can experience ALL of these benefits EVERY SINGLE DAY without needing to change your life particulars!


With each prompt, there’s space for journaling so that you can reflect on your play practice processes. 


Along with exploring the play prompts and activity engagements, you are also presented with the option of creating daily rituals with some of your favourite PLAY practices! This allows you to expand your healing journey in dynamically profound ways, deepening your loving presence and personal power reclamation while completely rewiring your miraculous neurophysiology! 


Embracing all of the magicKal offerings in this book can provide you with 3+ years of emPOWERing transformation that feels GOOD to invest in and experience while simultaneously producing tangible healing results!


This self-guided healing journey program provides step-by-step guidance with each process so that you have all of the tools needed to make the most from these experiences and truly transform your life from the inside-out of your own magicKal consciousness! 





The book’s introduction explains how Healing into Happiness PLAYbook addresses components of mental health to heal, transform, and empower all aspects of personhood. I share a piece of my story, including all of the incomprehensible battles I’ve completely conquered through my own energetic power of LOVE healing myself at home! I then affirm, uplift, and emPOWER you, my beloved reader, into the fullness of all that you are as you embrace this healing journey in new ways by exploring this magicK-filled book!


There are then several pages explaining how to use this PLAYbook to make the most of your transcendent healing journey experiences. 


A variety of PLAYsheets precede the play prompts so that you have even more tools to harness your personal POWER through the magnificently radiant energy of your own dynamic LOVE. Among these PLAYsheets include: 

  • Guidance to track your favourite play prompts to create daily rituals from!

  • Guidance to create daily rituals for 1 week or 1 month at a time, including setting intentions and celebrating your victories along the way!

  • An opportunity to write a letter of encouragement to yourself!

  • “Before and after play prompt check-ins” that:

    • Help you explore both your present experience and desired experience, along with a variety of implicit energies being experienced (called “positive clues of consciousness”)!

    • Teach you to recognize your approximate state of brain wave and nervous system regulation based on the types of thoughts and feelings you’re presently experiencing!

    • Lovingly guide you to identifying present healing journey intentions, confidently affirming your miraculously magicKal self, and JOYously celebrating your magnificent healing journey investments!

  • Space for journaling, described in phrases such as “Space to Love Myself Deeper” and “Space to Witness My Miraculous Self”!




WOOHOO, the part you’ve been waiting for!


Healing into Happiness PLAYbook then presents you with 95 healing journey play prompts to excitedly explore! 


Each one is hand-crafted with courageous play and compassionate love, designed to truly amplify your transformative healing journey experience in profound ways! 


Coloured photographs are speckled throughout the book to increase your playful experience as you practice presence with your beloved self. 


Each play prompt concludes with space to journal about your experiences, struggles, and victories to expand your self-presence as you deeply and completely heal your consciousness and transform your life experience so that it holds more BEAUTY, MAGICK, and emPOWERment for the infinite tomorrows ahead!


Included in these play prompts are: 

  • PLAYful ways to meditate without sitting in closed-eye meditation!

  • PLAYful ways to practice mindfulness for personal power reclamation!

  • PLAYful ways to pour love into your miraculous BEing!

  • PLAYful ways to create new implicit memories to rewire the deepest depths of your brain!

  • PLAYful ways to recognize certain types of unconscious activity within your marvelously miraculous consciousness!

  • PLAYful ways to experience the beauties of everyday life in new ways, through fresh eyes, from brand new vantage points of transcendent perspectives! 

  • PLAYful ways to invest in beFRIENDing your own miraculously magicKal self!

  • And so much more healing journey PLAY!!!


These play prompts are designed to be readily accessible, allowing you to easily incorporate them into your everyday healing journey of life. They can be used, for example, while you’re walking, driving, showering, eating, or laying in bed. 


Every prompt provides step by step processes to walk you through a specified healing journey activity. Each play prompt provides gentle guidance, loving tips, and uplifting emPOWERment along the way so that every experience can FEEL GOOD to your magicKal consciousness!


My Healing into Happiness PLAYbook also comes with a coloured certificate of completion to provide a tangible tool to emPOWERingly congratulate yourself as you lovingly celebrate your own miraculous healing journey investments!



You deserve to thrive as you are! You deserve to continuously fall in love with your magicKal self and with this expansively wondrous life experience! You deserve to heal, transform, and emPOWER your consciousness so that it’s a loving HOME that FEELS GOOD to live in and experience life through! You are worthy of basking in your own infinite LOVE every single day! You are worthy of experiencing MAGICK every single day!


Your time is NOW, beloved soul friend! Will you dare to SHINE your own loving light into your beautiful life? I invite you into the powerful fullness of all that you innately are!

My Healing into Happiness self-guided healing journey program provides you with continued transformation for 3+ years through 262 pages of original content that combines comprehensive understandings of neuroscience and human consciousness to create feel-good healing engagement that involves lighthearted play along with deep healing and genuine transformation. This program is now available for $222!!!

Years of research and experience are translated into this easy-to-use format for deep healing transformation in a way that WORKS and FEELS GOOD! This original content provides you with priceless opportunities for healing transformation and liberating emPOWERment! Hundreds of hours of WONDROUS experiences await you so that you can expand your personal power, self-love, and everyday experiences of transcendent MAGICK while simultaneously rewiring the depths of your unconscious neurophysiology!!


To order your brand new Healing into Happiness PLAYbook, an at-home healing journey program, please complete the CONNECT WITH KRISTIN form on the homepage of this website, or email me directly at


Click here to explore my consciousness consulting services. 


Click here to explore more self-guided healing journey programs.

Who Am I?


Explore my KNOWN documentary series to discover more about who I AM and this incredibly miraculous journey that's led me to full-time investment as a consciousness consultant!  


100% Client Satisfaction

at Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy!


I say, with zero hesitation, that Kristin has literally changed my life. As an innately empathetic, articulate and hardworking human being, she not only provides content that is in-depth, motivating and personalized, but content that is comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and backed in research. She is the essence of integrity, professionalism, authenticity and creativity, and also of courage, integrity and resilience.


When the mental health system essentially failed her, she turned around and made it her mission to change the field for the better, and that is exactly what she is doing. Kristin has an unparalleled depth of knowledge into topics of consciousness, mental health & trauma recovery,


and I have complete confidence in her ability to impact humanity and change the world through her work. Kristin is not only a deeply intelligent, intuitive thought leader, but also a prolific speaker and impactful coach with an authentically bold leadership style. Kristin Windsor is meant to change the world, and if you don't believe me, try working with her and watch your own life transform.” ~Haley Stern 



Kristin Windsor's scientific methodology to bridge the gap between trauma and recovery is revolutionary in the world of mental health. Having known Kristin for over two years, I have benefited from her teachings since day one and have had the privilege to watch her grow as a business woman and a mental-health sanctuary for anyone who has suffered from a trauma in their life. Empathy-based yet backed up by the most relevant and authoritative scholarly science, Kristin has done what many mental-health practitioners have not: revolutionize healing through unconditional and radical self-love. Her healing toolkit among other products she creates are profound and unique.

There truly is no other resource out there like Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy.


What I also love about her work is that it is steeped in science and neurology but also is approachable to people unfamiliar with science. Her products are also approachable to everyone, whether one has suffered from trauma and is looking to heal, in recovery, or going through something like grief and sorrow. Even those who are not seeking recovery or help professionally will find that her work will benefit them in ways they will never have imagined. This is because our daily capitalistic life style does not often make room for deep transformation care, but Kristin's teachings allow us to incorporate such important practices that embolden and empower. I have always known that Kristin has a special gift for speech and advocacy, having the ability to take complex concepts and distill them down into concise yet potent vocabulary that is accessible to all. I can't recommend this professional enough, and I highly encourage anyone curious about healing, taking steps for self-improvement, or trauma recovery to gain exposure to her healing services. It is with great joy that I say that Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy has changed my life for the better, and I hope it does for you, too!” ~Rebecca Bartels


Kristin offers some of the most attuned and powerful personal coaching I know of. The path she has forged in emotional and spiritual healing enables her to go straight to the heart of whatever issue you are facing in your life journey, no matter how insurmountable it may seem.

She draws from a very deep well of experience and growth, and was able to give me more insight in one hour than tens of hours in therapy.


At the same time she came from a very grounded and realistic place, offering practical, real help, not a theoretical promise. Kristin has helped me discover significant personal truths. Ones we often cannot see from the inside. Please allow her to touch your life the way she has mine.” ~Nigel Surridge, PhD, 2019

“It was such a pleasure to discuss tools for healing consciousness with Kristin. She was able to succinctly identify the point of trauma beneath the story to directly address the issue I am currently working on. From there, she provided accessible tools for healing consciousness. The tools and resources are safe and trauma informed, and do not employ spiritual bypassing or harmful superficial strategies that ignore the humanness of conscious awareness. Her techniques are a uniquely intertwined combination of neuro-biology and spirituality. It addresses that which is tangible and intangible: a powerful combination in a world that wants to focus on the spiritual to forsake the physical and vice versa. Those frustrated by mainstream healing techniques will find Kristin’s work and perspective to be a breath of fresh air. She has developed simple and effective techniques that use conscious awareness to access subconscious information. It is a way to contact unresolved conscious experiences and complete the emotional processing that was not able to be completed at the time the trauma occurred.

Backed by diligent and thorough research from the latest related science plus her own powerful personal experience, it is a consultation that cannot be found from a traditionally qualified professional who has neglected their own inner work.


Kristin brings an inspiring and nourishing energy to sessions that supports and validates this delicate work that we are so invested in. Those who resonate with Kristin’s work online would certainly also benefit from a one on one consultation to take this resonance to the next level as it fits within one’s ongoing inner work.” ~Caitlin Sommer



​“Kristin is such a visionary! She was kind, compassionate, creative, and understanding during our consultation. She is very professional and passionate about her work. I would recommend her and the work she is doing to anybody!” ~Mercy​

Kristin and her parts of consciousness have forged a path of recovery, growth and healing that is remarkable by anyone's standards. Articulate and authentic, this woman is an absolute gift, not only to those struggling with mental health issues, but to anyone seeking self-awareness and love. Her deep knowledge of all types of Structural Dissociation and how to live a beautiful life with this disorder is touching people around the world every day.


I recommend her as a specialized and skilled Life Coach in this area of healing from all kinds of complex trauma.”


~Dr. Nigel Surridge, 2018 


“I recently had the incredibly opportunity to experience a consciousness consultant call with Kristin Windsor. When it came to the moment for the call, I was extremely anxious and highly dissociated. Kristin was able to recognize this straight away and took the time to lead me through a deep breathing exercise. I was able to calm down and focus, and the activity set a tone of security and acceptance for the entire reading to come. Her voice throughout our conversation was warm and full of compassion. She revealed that she understood the struggles I was working through and used affirming language that made me feel completely seen and understood; not in a way that felt exposing but rather gave the feeling that I was deeply appreciated and worthy of my experiences. I was not only able to explore issues that have kept me stuck in place for years up until now in a highly constructive way, but also experience Kristin’s grace and wisdom first hand. She led me through conceptual ideas that could impact my thinking as well as practical exercises that could transform my action-potentials. The overwhelming impression I received was that I was connecting with someone who had walked this path before and made it through, to become a force for positivity, healing and light. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and have felt some exciting changes over the days since the call, and created some bold new choices about how I want to live the rest of my life; which, as I learned from Kristin, can begin any day that I choose.” ~Alana



“Kristin knows that getting grounded is the foundation to helping us help ourselves. While I knew that at a superficial level, it took Kristin’s compassionate help and insights to show me I wasn’t truly grounded, and point me towards the work to be done. Kristin isn’t a ‘fast-fix’ guru, she’s the real deal and will help you navigate the most painful and challenging aspects of your life. Because she’s been there, and knows the way.” ~Anonymous 

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