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Mere Play with
Mirror Power


“Mere Play with Mirror Power” is a series of healing journey MagicKs (programs and practices) offered exclusively through Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy. Kristin Windsor, consciousness consultant, applies insights from her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study (2017-2022) to provide profoundly powerful activities that cultivate healing liberation in the deepest possible ways! Her Personal Dimensions Theory, along with insights about internal attachments, are the primary foundation from which “Mere Play with Mirror Power” was birthed.

These practices apply mirrors in a variety of imaginative ways to rewire brain-body systems, unite parts of consciousness, and gradually ignite positive transformation from the inside-out! 

(Explore Kristin Windsor’s expansive work at She freely shares her personal healing journey saga and extensive case study explorations and discoveries through a documentary series and associated writings!)

{PS! The bottom of this page shares Thesis #29 of the Implicit Revelations Case Study, which explains immeasurable BENEFITS of "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER" practices!!!!! MagicK Awaits You!!!}








Mere Play with Mirror Power:

"Dear Inner Life Partner,..."

Love Letter







MagicKs At a Glance!

The observational self grows attached with the inner life partner (present-day adult self) while expressing profound love through an audio love letter and intimate mirror connectivity.


Purpose of these MagicKs 

~Growing Attachments with Your Present-Day Adult Self

~Healing All 4 Internal Attachment Systems

~Healing Emotional and Physical Intimacy Sculptures within the Neurobiological Social Engagement System


~Healing Liberation within Automated Navigation and Regulation throughout the Unconscious Body-Mind


~Profound Union for Consciousness


~PLUS! Explore thesis #29 of the Implicit Revelations Case Study for further insight regarding the profound BENEFITS of this practice!!!! {Details at the bottom of this page, and @!}


MagicK Duration

~This program is designed to sustain continued healing liberation for 1-3 years.

{Core course: 6 months. Foundational concepts: 1-3 years.}

~Soul friends are guided to practice this program once each day for the first month. It's then practiced twice per week for awhile, and then once each week
. After six months, it's then applied once per month for up to 3 years.


Healing Tools



For this particular healing journey practice, you will need a(n):

  • Full-body mirror

  • Safe, private space (where you can freely be naked and lovingly present with your body, mind, and spirit)

  • Measuring tape to gauge 1 ½ feet and 3 ½ feet points from the mirror 

  • Audio recording device, such as a cellular phone

  • Gentle, romantic background music (you choose!) 

  • Form of positive somatic stimulation to trace along your skin, such as your fingernails or a soft feather

  • Journal for post-practice reflections (such as a notebook, loose-leaf paper in a binder or folder, etc.) 


Most important, you will need the sacred healing powers of your love and presence: HOW you direct your INTERNAL ENERGY is what creates HEALING POWER during this practice. All of the physical elements are just tools to catalyst internal experiences of consciousness that stimulate brain-body healing. 


The core essence of YOU holds ALL of the POWER!!!



Included MagicK 

~Five Videos

*MusicKal Introduction to "Mere Play with Mirror Power" Healing Journey Series

*Introductory Video Guiding Souls through the Entire Practice (Run Time of 11 Minutes, 11 Seconds)

*Read-Aloud Love Letter (~10 Minutes)

*Silent Love Letter Lyrics for Personalization

*Love Letter Lyrics with 36 Minutes of Music for Optional Practice Application

~One 82 Page PLAYbook

*Part 1: Preparatory Process for Powerful Practice!

—> Step 1 (Video #1: Introduction)

—> Step 2 (Video #2: Love Letter)

—> Step 3 (Video #3: Personalized Practice)


*Part 2: Mere Play with Mirror Power!

—> Step 1: Setting Up with Loving Presence

—> Step 2: Directing Internal Energy through Loving Presence

—> Step 3: Embracing Tender Play with Loving Presence! 



—> EmBODYing Power through Loving Presence

—> Self-Celebration Notations

—>  Final Notes

*The following images share a preview of this magicKal PLAYbook! (Click on the image to see it enlarged. Scroll through to view all 20 sneak peek pages!)



MagicKal Intention


The intention of this healing journey program is to cultivate internal attachments from the observational self towards the experiential self of the inner life partner. Your internal energy of pure presence and loving awareness becomes “hooked on” the present-day adult self.


This process gradually heals internal attachment systems residing at the core of all brain-body wiring, affecting memory data that unconsciously navigates identity and experience AND impacting regulatory protocols throughout all brain-body structures! Healing this foundational baseline of personal existence covertly transforms ALL aspects of internal experience, from thoughts and feelings to decision-making tendencies and relational connectivity! 


This practice especially cultivates emotional and physical intimacy to heal aspects of the neurobiological social engagement system. (Discover more about the neuroscience of psychology in thesis #4 of Kristin’s Implicit Revelations Case Study, explorable at 


Simultaneously, it establishes a felt-sense of internal need fulfillment throughout all four attachment systems (referencing thesis #1 of the Implicit Revelations Case Study). This practice helps stimulate emotions to help parts of consciousness sensationally FEEL: seen, loved, appreciated, treasured, celebrated; safe, secure, protected, provided for; supported, connected, a sense of vulnerable closeness and collaborative community from within; respectfully embraced, recognized, and allowed to be their true selves with infinite opportunistic space and directional guidance from within. 


Specifically, this practice applies the power of consciousness* to unite self-aspects from within while transforming brain-body structures, ultimately cultivating healing liberation for all parts of the self to positively impact ALL regions of personal experience. (*Self-essence exists and operates independently of neurobiological structures. Discover more in thesis #11 of Kristin’s Implicit Revelations Case Study at 


The overall intention is to stimulate a felt-sense of attachment need fulfillment as the observational self grows internal attachments with the inner life partner. 


This practice is designed to sustain continued healing MagicK for 6 months to 3 years, each practice being approximately 30 minutes. Consistent application ultimately stimulates new implicit emotional and procedural (unconscious) memories in relation with attachment well-being. Thus, it gradually rewires brain-body systems to: 

  • amplify implicit health, including mental, emotional, action-patterned, relational, and spiritual well-being; 

  • effectively uplift unconscious navigation regarding identity and experience;

  • discreetly improve automated regulation throughout all brain-body processes, including digestive systems, cranial nerves, and all nervous systems; and 

  • unite, heal, and liberate aspects of self-essence, or parts of consciousness, who encounter life both within and beyond awareness. 


This practice reaches into the deepest crevices and corners of neurobiology to lovingly cultivate transformation from the inside-out. Infinite moments of Happily Ever After await your consciousness through the emBODYment of personal power and conscious healing of internal attachments.


Loving Liberation Awaits!!! 


(PS! Discover further insights on these topics through Kristin Windsor’s IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study at

Her work is creatively expressed through videos and text, inviting all soul friends to explore the hidden wonders of the unconscious body-mind in radically revolutionary, refreshingly friendly ways!)


Mere Play with Mirror Power: "Dear Inner Life Partner,..."

This magicKal program ~ designed to sustain continued healing transformation through powerfully profound, perfectly priceless experiences for 1-3 years ~ is typically offered for $444.



In CELEBRATION of igniting global ATTACHMENT LIBERATION, this beautifully composed program is presently available for $222 ! ! !


(CLICK HERE) Complete the "Connect with Kristin" form on the homepage @ to order your "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Dear Inner Life Partner,..." pathway for LOVING LIBERATION!!!


After receiving your fiscal offering, you'll gain personal access to all contents of this powerful program!


Congratulations on investing in the healing liberation that you are so deeply worthy of!


Infinite moments of HAPPILY EVER AFTER inevitably await you, beLOVEd soul friend(s)!!!





Mere Play with
Mirror Power

How do these Mirror Practices Affect Your Brain and Body?

Through Kristin Windsor's Implicit Revelations Case Study, she discovered profoundly POWERful and radically REVOLUTIONARY insights regarding the potent impact of regular MIRROR practices!!!!!!!!!

Thesis #29:

When consciousness teaches the brain and body to socially engage with itself, the process of nurturing internal attachments indirectly reconstructs the entire unconscious body-mind, transforming automated navigation and regulation while liberating parts of consciousness!!

{Explore the complete Implicit Revelations Case Study @ Recent postings are at the BOTTOM of the page, including thesis #29, created December 2021 - March 2022.}

The following video collection guides you through in-depth insights regarding thesis #29 and its personal application. Grab a snack, get comfy-cozy, and nestle in for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!

{PS! View these video creations in order for the maximum effect of their MagicKs!!! EnJOY the experience with your divine consciousness! Kick back, relax, and explore the expansive wonders of the human experience!!}















Thank you for BEing here, and

THANK YOU for BEing YOU!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to every part

of your miraculous consciousness,

beLOVEd soul friends!!!


With LOVE and LIGHT,

~Kristin Windsor,

Consciousness Consultant

(and her Loving Awareness,

Inner Life Partner,

Inner Best Friend,

and Inner Child[ren]) ✨✨✨


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