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Whether healing from disrupted attachment development to connect deeper with your inner child, rewriting your sense of identity after a spiritual awakening, or anything in between and beyond....... prepare for Mirror*aculous MagiiicK!!

Rewrite how your entire life affects the YOU that you are today..... without touching ANY details of memories or past experiences ! ! !

Why heal the existing foundation of the unconscious body-mind

When you can simply create a new one???

Inner Child Liberation: EmBODY the Adult that Your Inner Child Desires to SEE and BE!!!


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Mere Play with
Mirror Power


“Mere Play with Mirror Power” is a series of healing journey MagicKs (programs and practices) offered exclusively through Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy.


Kristin Windsor, consciousness consultant, applies insights from her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study (2011 - present day) to provide profoundly powerful activities that cultivate healing liberation in the deepest possible ways!

Her Personal Dimensions Theory, 29th thesis, and insights regarding internal attachments are the primary foundation from which “Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER” was birthed.

These practices apply mirrors in a variety of imaginative ways to rewire brain-body systems, unite parts of consciousness, and gradually ignite profoundly POWERful and potently positive transformation from the inside-out ! ! ! ! !

(Explore Kristin Windsor’s expansive work at She freely shares her personal healing journey saga and extensive case study explorations and discoveries through a documentary series and associated writings!)

CLICK HERE for further insights about Social Self-Engagement Practices for LOVING LIBERATION!

{PS! The bottom of this page shares Thesis #29 of the Implicit Revelations Case Study, which explains immeasurable BENEFITS of "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER" practices!!!!! MagicK Awaits You!!!}









Mirror POWER:

Creative Connections



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What is Inner Child Liberation?

There are 5 key components regarding the continued cultivation of Inner Child Liberation: 


1} Through the power of the observational self, the present-day adult cultivates profound self-attunement with all inner child aspects. The inner life partner becomes the parent of the childhood self.


2} All inner child self-aspects fully see the adult that {A} they grew up to be (connection) and {B} is here now to care for them (distinction) while experiencing new moments of life in the present day.


3} All attachment needs are consistently fulfilled from within.


4} Self-essence holds stronger attachments with itSelf than any external element of personal experience. 


5} The present-day adult is who the childhood self would have grown up to be without any moments of unfulfilled attachment needs.


Who is the Inner Child, and Why do They Matter So Much?

The following videos are from Kristin Windsor's Implicit Revelations Case Study.



Visit the following videos on their individual YouTube pages to read the video's caption, which shares the official thesis statement and key highlight points.


Please visit the official webpage for the complete case study collection, FREEly expressed through an expansive video series and associated text.



✨Thesis Statement #23 ~ Inner child restoration, transformation, and liberation helps heal all neurobiological applications of consciousness.✨

Click here
for further insight!

✨Thesis Statement #25 ~ At the core of every person is neural wiring of their inner child, from infancy through teenagehood.✨

Click here
for further insight!

✨Thesis Statement #26 ~ Visual stimulus 6 inches or closer to the eyes directly connects with the inner child.✨

Click here
for further insight!


Mere PLAY with

Mirror POWER:

"Creative Connections"

for Inner Child LIBERATION!




MagicKs At a Glance!

The observational self nurtures attachments with the inner life partner (present-moment self) and the inner child (childhood self-aspects before age 10) while bridging their inner realities to cultivate expansive INNER CHILD LIBERATION!!! 


Purpose of these MagicKs

~Transform the entire wiring of the unconscious body-mind in the most FUN and enJOYable ways IMAGINABLE!!!!!


~Cultivate the deepest levels of inner child LIBERATION!

{PS! Scroll down to explore further healing journey benefits! Discover deeper details in thesis #29 of Kristin's Implicit Revelations Case Study!!!}



MagicK Duration

~This program is meticulously designed to sustain continued healing liberation for 5-10 years.

~Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections provides an  *!*expansive*!*  blueprint for YOU to make your OWN!! Thus, how much time and energy you invest is fully up to YOU!! {YAAAY, FREEEEdom!!!} 
If fully harnessed, there may be approximately 5 hours of focused Mirrorthons each week, with dozens of daily practices integrated into everyday life.


[If preferred, it may be readily utilized for 1-3 years for profound transformation + restoration + liberation, although its potential expands beyond that. Utilize its contents to create your own style of inner child healing and LOVING LIBERATION!.] 


Healing Tools


To fully embrace Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections, you will need a(n):

  • 5-17 printed photographs of your childhood self 

    • 4-12 pictures for Primary Practice

    • 1-5 pictures for Bedside Practice

    • Select photographs that clearly show the coloured region of your eyes and/or the size of your physical body anytime before age 10 

    • You may choose pictures from a distinct age that was especially enJOYable OR is in deep need of healing, or you may choose photographs from a variety of ages (i.e., infancy through age 10)

  • 2 full-body mirrors

    • 1 mirror for Primary Practice, left setup in a safe, private space

    • 1 mirror for Bedside Practice, left setup beside your bed

  • Safe, private space (where you can freely be naked and lovingly present with your body, mind, and spirit while intimately exploring self-healing)

  • Form of positive somatic stimulation to trace along your skin, such as your fingernails, a soft feather, or some other satisfying utensil 

  • 2.5 hours for Primary Practice before sleep, such as during the evening before bedtime or anytime throughout the day before a peaceful nap

    • (E.g., you might practice this for 2 hours, spend 1 hour getting ready for bed, and then fall asleep for the night. Or you might practice this after lunch on a day off and then lay down for an afternoon nap.)

    • This is best applied once each week consistently, although more frequently provides even greater healing benefits. 

    • Ensuring you have time to consciously invest in this practice is important to experience the fullness of its effective benefits! Quantity of quality time truly makes the greatest difference for parts of consciousness experiencing life through the unconscious body-mind. 

  • 15 minutes to 3 hours for Bonus MagicK after waking up

  • Journal for post-practice reflections (such as a notebook, loose-leaf paper in a binder or folder, a sketchpad if you enJOY illustrating your entries, etc.)

  • An application to create your own personalized SelfLove/ Healing Internal Attachments music playlist, such as YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc.


Most importantly, this program necessitates the sacred healing powers of your inner love and presence: HOW you direct your INTERNAL ENERGY is what creates HEALING POWER during these experiences. The physical elements are just tools to catalyze internal experiences of consciousness that covertly stimulate brain-body healing. 

The core essence of YOU

holds ALL of the POWER!!!



Included MagicK 

*Six {6} PDF Files 


*Five {5} Video Files


*25 Image Files

Launching You Into an Indescribably Transformative, Profoundly Expansive

5-10 Year Journey of



*PLUS! Additional Feature if Desired!

("Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections" + these LovingLiberationSoulSessions for $750, 25% off their traditional rate!)


THREE Video Calls with Kristin

(to use during your 1st year of this program to clarify follow-up questions and discuss aspects of the journey as it unfolds)!!!

1st Video Call: 1 Hour: after you've explored all contents to clarify any questions as you begin the first few months of your journey!

2nd Video Call: 30 Minutes: after you've continued the journey for awhile, to serve as a guide through the monumental BREAKTHROUGHS of LOVING LIBERATION you may be experiencing!

3rd Video Call: 30 Minutes: after you've received all that you can from the Primary Practice video creation to discuss how to continue your Creative Connections long-term while keeping things FRESH and enJOYable!!


{The core features of this program are the Primary PLAYbook and the Primary Practice, highlighted below in pink!}


PLAYbooks and Printouts Included:

  • Primary PLAYbook: 230 pages

    • {View the Table of Contents below!}

  • “Daily TO DO LIST for the Observational Self” Supplementary Printout Booklet: 10 pages

  • “Nurturing Internal Attachments” Supplementary Printout: 22 pages

  • “Implicit Insights about Growing Internal Attachments PLAYbook”: 108 pages

    • The first 28 pages guide you through a brand new practice regarding how to utilize this bonus PLAYbook. (This practice is different from those offered through the Primary PLAYbook and Primary Practice while complimenting their themes and intentions.) The remaining 80 pages share screenshot images from an associated video, which are utilized through a specified practice to help the observational self nurture internal attachments with the inner life partner while continuing to explore all that this program has to offer.

  • 22 Additional Musical and Monologue Mirrorthon Practices: shared from the Subconscious Transformation Mirrorthon Journey: 70 pages

  • PLAYbook Addendum: private Implicit Revelations Case Study notes from autumn 2021 when originally developing these offerings with additional mirror practices: 35 pages

Video and Audio Guides Included:

  • Primary Practice Video with an Audio Guide for an Incredibly EpicK MIRRORTHON: 2 hours and 35 minutes 

    • {This guided experience ignites profound inner child connection through PLAYful, imaginative wonders. Then, the inner child and inner life partner are connected in POWERful ways. Every moment overflows with JOYous grins and giggles while cultivating brand new inner skillsets to emBODY personal POWER reclamation and inner child LIBERATION!}

    • {I personally utilized this Guided Mirrorthon Experience 100+ times in just a few months, and every experience held a brand new piece of healing MagicK! Every minute holds meaning, and the impact is felt during and after each experience!}

  • Implicit Insights about Growing Internal Attachments Video: 45 minutes

  • Follow-Up Practice: SelfLove SingAlong! Video: 20 minutes

  • Follow-Up Practice: Bedside Practice MagicK! Video: 12 minutes

  • Conclusion of Primary Practice Video: 7 minutes


You're not just paying for content creations...

You're not just receiving wisdom from ~20,000 hours

of personally creating and perfecting this pathway...

You're investing in the transformation that this program so POWERfully, potently, profoundly ignites.


It can be the CATALYST for an entirely

new experience of yourSelf and life.


The 1st day of the rest of your life is waiting for you.


Loving Liberation is knocking LOUDER than EVER.

Will you answer its call?

The first year or two of this program allows the various practices to become "muscle memory". Then, the journey infinitely continues as you consistently utilize these expansive internal skillsets to cultivate indescribably profound levels and layers of LOVING LIBERATION!


This truly is a 5-10 year journey to create COMPLETE internal transformation in the BEST way possible! It's the GREATEST adventure EVER and more worthwhile than could ever possibly be expressed!

Imagine... meeting the YOU that would have grown up from CHILDHOOD if you had ALWAYS experienced only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?!?!??!??!?!?!?!


~Primary PLAYbook:

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Program Overview

  • Healing Tools

  • Intentions and Benefits

  • Program Summary

  • Setting Up for Primary Practice

  • Everyday Practices

    • Loving Presence

    • Self-Attunement

    • Distinction and Connection Between the Observational Self, the Inner Life Partner, and the Inner Child

    • Affirmational Mantras

    • EmBODYing Personal POWER

  • Stimulating Sensations of Attachment Need Fulfillment

    • Four Attachment Systems

    • Implicit Language: Intentional Thoughts and Feelings

    • Nonverbal Communication: Facial Expressions

    • Nonverbal Communication: Bodily Postures

    • !Side MagicK! {Pause reading to enJOY associated video!}

    • Liberating Internal Attachments

    • Solidified Intentions

  • Nurturing Internal Attachments in EveryDay Life

    • Implicit Distinction and Connection for Loving Liberation

    • Constant Presence with Your Own Inner Companion 

    • Self-Care and Love Notes

    • Distinction and Connection with Self-Essence in the Physical Body

    • Eyes to Hands Attachment Bonding Practice

    • Interpersonal Nonverbal Communication Covertly Impacting Intrapersonal Experiences

    • Daily TO DO LIST for the Observational Self {reference to supplementary printout!}

  • Clever Cultivation of Healing through Creative Connections

    • Shifting Visual Distances from the Mirror

    • Inner Child RECLAMATION

    • Inner Child LIBERATION

    • Conscious Creation of Distinction and Connection Between Self-Aspects

    • Summary for Quick Reference

  • Practice Tips!

    • Shifting Mirror Distances

    • Shifting Internal Energy to Evoke Greater Distinction or Connection Between Self-Aspects

    • Importance of Internal Bridge Building for Inner Child Liberation 

    • Shifting Perception of Memory Activations to Heal Attachments

    • 3 R’s for Energetic Evolution 

  • Practice Follow-Up    

    • Bedside Practice

    • Introspective Journaling

    • SelfLove, Soulful, Soothing, Satisfying SingAlong MagicK!

  • Conclusion

    • Celebrate Yourself!

*The following images share a preview of this magicKal PLAYbook! (Click on the image to see it enlarged. Scroll through to view all sneak peek pages!)



Image Files


In addition to ~475 pages of PDF files and ~240 minutes of video compilations (several hours which will be repeatedly used), there are ~25 image files included in this healing journey program! Explore the gallery below to view these MagicKs!!!



MagicKal Intentions and Miraculous Benefits


Just to give you another sample tasting of the MagicKs offered through this program, the following slideshow shares 50 text/image files:


these are screenshot images that accompany vocal guidance during the 45 minute "Implicit Insights about Growing Internal Attachments" video.


In addition, they are shared during the “Implicit Insights about Growing Internal Attachments PLAYbook” ~ after the first 28 pages guides you through a bonus side practice to nurture internal attachments with your inner life partner!!!


With tender curiousity and gentle openHEARTedness, explore and enJOY!


(Click the image below to open the slide deck. Then, scroll through to view the complete collection!)

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

✨The following video is from March 30th, 2020. Kristin was healing with adaptable consciousness condition (referencing thesis #10 of her Implicit Revelations Case Study). Multiple age regressive states of consciousness struggled with a complete mind-body disconnect, multiple types of amnesia, hundreds of unique manifestations of severe dissociation, hundreds of other health challenges, profound dysregulation of all brain-body systems, severe activation of trauma responses, chronic oxygen deprivation, and MANY other challenges. ✨

(Please CLICK HERE for a MagicKal, related blog post!)

✨In March 2020, Kristin could not create conscious explicit memories. Her youngest age regressive states of consciousness were beginning their final stages of neurodevelopment: 6 months-young and 4 years-old aspects of Kristin's inner child were starting to neurobiologically "grow up" for the very first time EVER, even though Kristin was in her late 20's.✨

✨(Please CLICK HERE to explore an incredible, fascinating, beautiful, adventurous blog post about this topic from a personal narrative perspective!!)✨

{For a timeline reference: Kristin began cultivating the ideas shared in "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections" in 2018. She began creating this program's content in August 2021, and completed it in March 2020.}

✨All along,

the central theme

continued to be







Mere PLAY with

Mirror POWER:

"Creative Connections"

for Inner Child LIBERATION!


MagicKal Intentions and Miraculous Benefits


The primary objective of this program is to consistently cultivate and continuously expand INNER CHILD LIBERATION, as described above.


In greater detail, the miraculous wonders of Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections hold several profound healing journey intentions, including: 

  • EmBODYing personal POWER by distinguishing the observational self from the experiential self and cultivating self-attunement through loving presence.

  • Cultivating internal attachments with the inner child AND the inner life partner. 

  • Building energetic bridges between younger inner child aspects (ages 1-10) and the present-day adult self (the YOU in this immediate moment). 

    • As consciousness stimulates distinction and connection between self-aspects, brain-body wiring indirectly integrates while welcoming parts of self-essence home to each other and the present moment. (I.g., childhood aspects from age 5 may begin to see the adult they grew up to be for the very first time.)

    • This process gradually reconstructs key components of the unconscious body-mind by uniting foundational brain-body wiring (from stages of early neurodevelopment) with recent neural sculptures (affiliated with the present-day self).

  • Igniting positive transformation throughout the neurobiological social engagement system by consciously exploring energetic roles of parent-child bonding, emotional intimacy, mutual support, cooperation, etc. 

    • (This references theses #4 and #16 of Kristin’s Implicit Revelations Case Study, which expresses the neuroscience of psychology.)

  • Internally fulfilling personal needs throughout all four attachment systems, which directly influence ALL activity in the unconscious body-mind. 

  • Intentionally developing new implicit emotional and procedural  (unconscious) memories in relation with attachment well-being. This ultimately heals implicit health and uplifts automated navigation and regulation in the unconscious body-mind, covertly impacting everything from feelings and decision-making to nervous system regulation!


The overall intention is to cultivate profound layers of healing internal attachments as the observational self grows attached with the inner child and inner life partner, fulfills their internal needs, and bridges their worlds. 


Aside from conscious intentions, this practice holds other healing journey benefits! 

  • Indirectly uncover, heal, and integrate memories, especially forgotten childhood memories impacting parts of self-essence beyond awareness. 

    • (This practice does NOT directly work with memories. Nevertheless, the energetic style of healing attachments profoundly impacts neural wiring beyond awareness! As Kristin created these concepts, she unexpectedly integrated neural wiring from the past 28 years without directly engaging with any memories! Through these profoundly transformative experiences, the miraculous power of consciousness cultivates powerful miracles for itSelf!! Please explore thesis #29 of the Implicit Revelations Case Study for further insight! This video series is shared at the bottom of this webpage.) 

  • Uproot, transform, and rewrite unwanted patterns of emotions, habits, action-patterns, decision-making tendencies, codependencies, or external attachments. 

  • Indirectly cultivate connectivity throughout all subconscious layers, uplifting billions of self-aspects beyond direct perception.

    • (This references theses #22 and #12, respectively, of the Implicit Revelations Case Study.) 

  • Stimulate new self-associations in relation with attachment well-being, profoundly transforming self-connectivity from the inside-out while marvelously liberating sensations of personal identity.

    • This increases self-recognition, or the ability for the brain to recognize the body it’s connected with, and self-resonance, or the ability for consciousness to feel connected with all of itSelf while dwelling within its bodily vessel. It improves unconscious navigation as consciousness instinctively connects with its body AND with itSelf. 

  • Increase mind-body connectivity, nervous system regulation, and memory processing, storage, and accessibility (throughout short-term working and long-term memory alike).

  • Improve content and connectivity of neural wiring to amplify unconscious navigation regarding personal identity and experience. This uplifts automated thoughts, feelings, action-patterns, and instinctive styles of encountering self and life.

  • Please explore thesis #29 for deeper insight regarding the expansive transformation cultivated through these practices!!!!!! [The video series of thesis #29 is shared FREEly at the bottom of this page! Or CLICK HERE to explore the complete Implicit Revelations Case Study, with recent postings at the bottom of the page.] 


Program Overview

There are two distinct portions to this program:

  1. Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER, requiring focused alone time in loving presence with a large mirror to explore miraculous new experiences;

  2. and other practices that are easily incorporated into everyday life.


The primary practice of Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections involves 2.5 hours of healing journey MAGICK while standing naked in front of a full-body mirror. Through an audio guide, soul friends practice: 

  • Distinction and connection between their observational self and aspects of their inner experiencer;

  • Self-attunement through loving presence;

  • Growing internal attachments from the observational self to the inner life partner (present-day adult self) and the inner child (childhood self-aspects younger than 10 years-old);

  • Fulfilling internal needs throughout four distinct attachment systems residing at the core of the unconscious body-mind; 

  • Building a bridge between the inner life partner and the inner child 

    • so the present-day adult self may effectively attune with the inner child 

    • and so childhood self-aspects, especially before age 10, may clearly see 

      • the adult that they grew up to be [connection between self-aspects]

      • and the adult self who is present to care for them now [distinction between self-aspects];

  • And other healing journey MagicKs to creatively ignite loving liberation from the inside-out!


This 2.5 hour Primary Practice ideally occurs before sleeping, such as during the evening before bedtime or anytime during the day before a restful nap. Sleeping shortly after practice creates space for the brain to deeply integrate these healing investments, infinitely amplifying their POWER! Upon awakening, the brain is literally a different brain than it was before!!!!


(If inspired, you may apply this Primary Practice at a different time of day, such as during a long midday lunchbreak or doing a free afternoon. Even though sleeping immediately or shortly after the practice amplifies its benefits, infinite healing liberation transpires regardless of when it’s applied.)


While laying in bed, both before falling asleep and immediately upon awakening, you’re invited to a brief Bedside Practice. This simplified version of loving presence unfolds for 2-5 minutes, or longer if inspired! It’s a relaxing opportunity to gently cultivate concepts from the Primary Practice in a lightHEARTed, easygoing manner. 


After arising from sleep, introspective journaling creates space to reflect on experiences during your practice and/or how you feel afterward. The observational self discovers more about the inner experiencer while nurturing abilities for self-attunement. It’s a sacred time to celebrate progress and learn about the Self who is within this personal healing journey.


Following these written reflections, healing ventures explore SelfLove SingAlong MagicK, a Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER bonus feature! While casually cultivating key concepts from the Primary Practice, this PLAYful time nurtures internal attachments while enJOYing a personalized music playlist! Through the conscious directing of internal energy, these songs specifically pour love into the experiential self from the space of the observational self. You may sing aloud, dance with glee, or simply enJOY your own loving presence in front of the mirror. This continues anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours ~ you choose! (This is a GREAT way to begin a new day, or a new segment of a day after a nap!)


As you initially explore concepts of Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections, there are several MagicKal bonus features, such as a one-time side practice of nurturing internal attachments between the observational self and the inner life partner through a supplementary PLAYbook.   


Throughout this Primary PLAYbook, there are dozens of super simple, cleverly creative, ferociously FUN practices that are easily incorporated into everyday life ~ such as while tying your shoes, brushing your teeth, unloading the dishwasher, cuddling a pet animal, falling asleep, etc.! The journey of nurturing internal attachments for inner child LIBERATION is soooooo expansively FUN and easily ACCESSIBLE, so readily integrated into everyday life!!! MagicK awaits every part of your miraculous consciousness!


While this program provides a MagicKal framework for your infinite expansion and loving liberation, there’s vast flexibility. Please, make these practices your own and compassionately adjust the program to suit your present healing journey needs, desires, and intentions.


Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections recommendations: 

  • Engage in Primary Practice, along with follow-up journaling and SelfLove Songs, at least once per week. (It’s entirely up to you how intensely to invest in this practice. Always choose what feels BEST for YOU!!! The YOU within experience always matters more than the experience itself!)

  • Participate in Bedside Practice every day, regardless of Primary Practice engagement.  

  • This program is designed to sustain continued healing, expansion, restoration, and liberation for 5-10 years

  • Throughout unfolding months, adjust program applications as inspired. (For example, you might practice 5 times/ week for 6 months because you’re SOOO EXCiiiTED about the MAGiiiCKAL NEW EXPERIENCE!!!!!!, and then decrease this Primary Practice to twice/ month for 6 months; after this first year, you might simplify to once/ month for several years. Or perhaps you simply practice it once each week for 2 years!) Discover what best serves your personalized healing journey and dedicate yourSelf to the path of unfolding MagicK!!!



Tender MagicK invites you home to a greater sense of wholeness than ever before! Loving liberation and infinite moments of Happily Ever After await you through this Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections at-home healing journey program!


Loving Liberation Awaits!!! 


(PS! Discover further insights on these topics through Kristin Windsor’s IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study at

Her work is creatively expressed through videos and text, inviting all soul friends to explore the hidden wonders of the unconscious body-mind in radically revolutionary, refreshingly friendly ways!)



Mere Play with Mirror Power: Creative Connections

This magicKal program

~ designed to sustain continued healing transformation through powerfully profound, perfectly priceless experiences for 5-10 years ~

is typically offered for $4,444. 

In CELEBRATION of igniting global INNER CHILD LIBERATION, this expansive healing journey program is presently offered for

$2,500! ! ! !

Complete the "Connect with Kristin" form on her homepage to order your copy of "Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER: Creative Connections!"

This investment "pays off" in GREATER ways than the mind can immediately fathom!

Every step of this 5+ year journey sparks immeasurable FUN!,

filled with enJOYable PLAY to cultivate LOVING LIBERATION!

Despite having the GREATEST time of your life, this journey effectively rewrites hundreds of trillions of neural networks carrying information from your entire life!!!!!! Even unconscious memories from toddlerhood, and implicit emotional and procedural memories from middle childhood, are indirectly rewritten to ignite indescribable healing restoration!!!!!!

(An estimated 20,000 hours of in-depth explorations unfolded through the Implicit Revelations Case Study to precede this Mirror-aculous Creation!!!)