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Kristin Windsor healed herself from 22 years of intensive traumatic-stress in just TWO YEARS through self-LOVE and a comprehensive understanding of NEUROSCIENCE.


Through that, she gained expansive healing journey insights that have the power to CHANGE LIVES, and she deeply desires to share that healing energy with the world. 

Kristin believes that we, within humanKIND, are filled with Love, Light, and Miracles at the core of our consciousness. She's created a diagram explaining human consciousness from the inside-out: from the manner in which our neurophysiology develops during early childhood, to the way our brain generates thoughts and feelings and what they mean, this diagram allows for a renewed understanding of human consciousness. 

Using these insights, centered in self-love and healing emPOWERment, she extends healing journey guidance that allows for dynamic personal transformation along any type of healing journey through life. 


Kristin tenderly guides you through a healing process of identifying clues of consciousness within your present experiences, recognizing where they stem from from within your consciousness, and offers tangible tools and loving empowerment so that you walk away with renewed self-understanding, hope, clarity, and practical ways to reclaim your personal power in LOVE within your everyday journey. 


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Click here to learn more about Kristin Windsor ~ consultant of consciousness, thought leader, content creator, published author, and soulful artist. 

To witness the miraculous transformation Kristin has created for herself, please peek this video. (Trigger warning for trauma-related topics.)


Consciousness Consultancy

Service Fees 


{*New Service Fees Begin on May 1st, 2020.}

30 Minute Consciousness Consulting Call ~ $150

45 Minute Consciousness Consulting Call ~ $225

1 Hour Consciousness Consulting Call ~ $300


{Optional: Add 15 Minutes During Your Call ~ $75}



Scheduling a Call

To schedule your consciousness consultant call, please email at

From there, we can select a day, time, and contact method.

Payments can be transferred through PayPal anytime before your scheduled call.


(*Service fees subject to change. I do not offer refunds for cancellations.)













I am so proud of you for investing in reclaiming your personal power with LOVE. 


This  world is blessed through your healing journey investments!


“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation” (Lao Tzu). 


Service Reviews

“Kristin offers some of the most attuned and powerful personal coaching I know of.  The path she has forged in emotional and spiritual healing enables her to go straight to the heart of whatever issue you are facing in your life journey, no matter how insurmountable it may seem.


“She draws from a very deep well of experience and growth, and was able to give me more insight in one hour than tens of hours in therapy. At the same time she came from a very grounded and realistic place, offering practical, real help, not a theoretical promise.


“Kristin has helped me discover significant personal truths. Ones we often cannot see from the inside. Please allow her to touch your life the way she has mine.”


~Nigel Surridge, PhD

“It was such a pleasure to discuss tools for healing consciousness with Kristin. She was able to succinctly identify the point of trauma beneath the story to directly address the issue I am currently working on. From there, she provided accessible tools for healing consciousness.


"The tools and resources are safe and trauma informed, and do not employ spiritual bypassing or harmful superficial strategies that ignore the humanness of conscious awareness. Her techniques are a uniquely intertwined combination of neuro-biology and spirituality. It addresses that which is tangible and intangible: a powerful combination in a world that wants to focus on the spiritual to forsake the physical and vice versa.


"Those frustrated by mainstream healing techniques will find Kristin’s work and perspective to be a breath of fresh air. She has developed simple and effective techniques that use conscious awareness to access subconscious information. It is a way to contact unresolved conscious experiences and complete the emotional processing that was not able to be completed at the time the trauma occurred.


"Backed by diligent and thorough research from the latest related science plus her own powerful personal experience, it is a consultation that cannot be found from a traditionally qualified professional who has neglected their own inner work.


"Kristin brings an inspiring and nourishing energy to sessions that supports and validates this delicate work that we are so invested in. Those who resonate with Kristin’s work online would certainly also benefit from a one on one consultation to take this resonance to the next level as it fits within one’s ongoing inner work.”


~Caitlin Sommer


“Kristin is such a visionary! She was kind, compassionate, creative, and understanding during our consultation. She is very professional and passionate about her work. I would recommend her and the work she is doing to anybody!” 




“I recently had the incredibly opportunity to experience an Energy Reading with Kristin Windsor. When it came to the moment for the call, I was extremely anxious and highly dissociated. Kristin was able to recognize this straight away and took the time to lead me through a deep breathing exercise. I was able to calm down and focus, and the activity set a tone of security and acceptance for the entire reading to come. 


“Her voice throughout our conversation was warm and full of compassion. She revealed that she understood the struggles I was working through and used affirming language that made me feel completely seen and understood; not in a way that felt exposing but rather gave the feeling that I was deeply appreciated and worthy of my experiences. 


“I was not only able to explore issues that have kept me stuck in place for years up until now in a highly constructive way, but also experience Kristin’s grace and wisdom first hand. She led me through conceptual ideas that could impact my thinking as well as practical exercises that could transform my action-potentials. 


“The overwhelming impression I received was that I was connecting with someone who had walked this path before and made it through, to become a force for positivity, healing and light. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and have felt some exciting changes over the days since the reading, and created some bold new choices about how I want to live the rest of my life; which, as I learned from Kristin, can begin any day that I choose.”



“Kristin knows that getting grounded is the foundation to helping us help ourselves. While I knew that at a superficial level, it took Kristin’s compassionate help and insights to show me I wasn’t truly grounded, and point me towards the work to be done. Kristin isn’t a ‘fast-fix’ guru, she’s the real deal and will help you navigate the most painful and challenging aspects of your life. Because she’s been there, and knows the way.”


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