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Consciousness Consulting Services ~ Helping Wonderfilled Souls Create Healing Experiences of Personal Power Reclamation 


Specializing in subconscious language, Kristin Windsor strives to guide wonderfilled warrior souls towards their own self-discovery to experience a deeper level of peace, joy, and fulfillment within their miraculous consciousness. 

You are love, light, and miracles at the core of your being.


Exploring the 95% of your consciousness living beyond your direct awareness offers infinite opportunities to transform your perceptions of self, reclaim your personal power, and lovingly transform the unfolding storybook of your life. 

~ Meet Your Consultant, Kristin Windsor: Prolific Explorer, Warrior,

and Consultant of Consciousness ~


As a child, I sang to myself and my brothers a lot, inventing songs as my voice exhaled itself. Creating melodies with lyrical word-rhythms came naturally. It was as if a music box inhabited my consciousness. I wrote over 100 songs by age 12. 


I remember first wondering where thoughts came from during adolescence. I wondered whether the thoughts I observed internally were “original” or just a composition of data I’d absorbed.


These musings became normal during my youth, and I wondered if I’d ever understand myself or what was happening within me beneath the surface.


Fifteen years after first exploring my consciousness, I now understand it! I have answers for every question I once asked. 

While recovering from 22 years of traumatic-stress (activated through various traumatic events from age 4 to 24), I uncovered truths of consciousness that I had never known about. 


I discovered that we all have infinite power within our energetic investments.


I learned that we are magical MIRACLES at the core of our being. 


I uncovered the truth that our identity, worth, and potential have absolutely nothing to do with our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

During this process of exploring consciousness, I was able to heal myself (2017-2019), transforming indescribable depths of darkness that I had feared would be my forever companion.


I began struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, night terrors, and dissociation at age 10. These battles continued to intensify over the years. By age 21, I was experiencing complete disability from them.


Six intensive years in the mental health care system offered zero help, hope, or healing. At one point, I was taking 36 psychiatric medications per day, as prescribed


Looking around, I couldn’t find stories of people experiencing stuff like this and coming out “on top” or in a place that felt BEAUTIFUL and a life that felt WORTH living. 


I felt truly terrified that that was where my story would end; at times, it nearly did.


But I rose into my power despite all odds and created a healing path of my very own. 


Within 2 years, my decades of pain and traumatic stress were being completely transformed from the inside-out, entirely through my own energetic self-investments. 


I never believed healing was possible, yet I proved myself wrong, again and again!


I never believed I could redefine myself and rewrite the stories playing in my life and in my mind, yet I proved myself wrong, again and again!


I never believed I could have power within my mental health after enduring so many terrifyingly intense experiences, yet I proved myself wrong, again and again!


Darkness has its inevitable role to play, but IT DOES NOT GET TO WIN IN THE END.








My life is now dedicated to helping others see their own light, love, and worthiness while rising into their infinite potentiality and limitless personal power. 


My heart burns fiercely with a passion for empowering brave, wonder-filled souls of the world to befriend their consciousness and create a home within themselves that feels good to live in. 


My hope is for others to fall in LOVE with their authentic inner beings, to cultivate a consciousness that feels GOOD to live in, and to create a life FILLED with everyday MAGIC to experience, behold, and explore. 


My mission is to use my understanding of neuroscience, along with intrinsic insights of consciousness, to offer understanding, validation, hope, healing, light, love, and emPOWERment towards others along their everyday healing journey of life. 


At the core of our consciousness, we are purely love, light, and miracles.


Discovering these truths and shedding the pain blocking us from our potential is what the everyday healing journey of life is all about. 

~ 4H Member & Leader ~
~ Musician ~
~ Musician ~
~ Published Author ~
~ Artistic Creator ~
~ Writer Institute Graduate ~
~ A+ Student ~
~ Passionate Poet ~
~ Child Care Professional ~
~ Vulnerable Storybook of My Life ~
~ Camp Leader ~
~ Granted Private Work Office ~
~ Student Government ~
~ Leader & Event Organizer ~
~ College Graduate ~
~ Experienced Vagabond ~
~ Professional Photographer ~
~ Professional Photographer ~
~ Model ~
~ Organization Founder ~
~ Professional Dancer ~
~ Language Lover ~
~ Video Creator ~
~ Featured in 3 Page Spread ~
~ Podcast Creator ~
~ Published Author ~
~ Exploring Consciousness Videos ~

This brief slideshow collage reveals a few of my achievements over the past 17 years as I've explored life and my own potentiality through a variety of outlets. You can click on the photos to see their captions, and peruse through the slideshow to see them all! 

I believe that everyone is worthy of healing deeply, of knowing themselves intimately, and of loving themselves unconditionally.


I believe that transformation of consciousness is always possible, given accurate knowledge and proper energetic opportunity for self-investment.


I believe that we are worthy of living in a consciousness that feels like home.


I believe that we are all deeply capable of befriending the consciousness that carries us, and that the self-investment can blossom our lives into a beautiful masterpiece, no matter our story or present experiences.

I believe that we all have something beautiful and worthwhile to offer this world through our own unique authenticity. 


I believe that we are all writing a life story through our energetic investments in each day, and that we are allowed to take power within the story's unfolding through conscious intention.


I believe that we all have an inner child worth healing who is capable of bringing infinite magic into this world.


I believe that we are filled with more miracles than we realize. 


I believe that love-based daily rituals designed to pull us towards our life vision are the core foundation of any healing journey through life.


I believe that communicating directly to the 95% of our consciousness beyond our awareness is a powerful approach to healing.


I believe that healing is about uncovering our true selves, not about changing who we are, although aspects of experience may change for the better as we heal.


I believe in the power we possess to rewire our brains, love every part of ourselves home to our authentic inner being, and create a wondrous home within our consciousness.


I believe in my ability to guide warriors into the light and love they already possess that's been covered up through energetic experiences of fear and pain.


I believe in your ability to change the world through your own self-transformation.

I believe that you are more worth it than you know.


I believe in the tangible healing that can be experienced when we work together.

Above all, I believe in YOU.

As a consultant of consciousness, I offer mental health coaching services with a unique perspective and applications of neuroscience and implicit communication styles, which are the true languages of consciousness.


~ What is Consciousness? ~

When human neurophysiology miraculously collides with the intangible human spirit, consciousness is born.

Consciousness can be thought of as the place of body-mind-spirit happenings, where our body interacts with our essence and creates experiences of mind. 

95% of our consciousness operates beyond our direct awareness and speaks an entirely different language than what we consciously know of.

80% of our decision making stems from our unconscious, meaning beyond all awareness and intentionality.

When we learn how to be there for these parts of ourselves beyond direct awareness that possess such a profound impact on our everyday experience of self and surrounding world, we open doors to experience healing transformation that never before existed.

~ Why Does Consciousness Need Consulting? ~

The expanse of human consciousness is so deeply BRILLIANT at so many things!

Self-understanding, though, is not one of its natural giftings. 

The complexities tucked within the 95% of our consciousness beyond awareness, including the parts creating 80% of decision-making unconsciously, are not explicitly self-aware. 

Bringing these unknowns into the light with loving presence creates space to understand, accept, appreciate, nurture, heal, love, and empower all aspects of ourselves.

The process of bringing our own unconsciousness into awareness can be challenging and even feel impossible.

That's where I come in!

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